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Here is your JetForm Builders License Key Activation pack for Lifetime. According to its purpose, there are different types of forms. For example, there are contact or order forms, as well as the forms for booking or appointment. All of them can have different layouts, various numbers of columns, and specific fields.

The JetFormBuilder plugin gives you the vast toolset to create any type of form you need. In JetFormBuilder, you have to create a form first and then add it to the page as one piece. This will allow you to use the once-created form on different pages. Check the form creation guide if you need some help.

jet form builder extensionsJetForm Builders License Key Activation

Like the puzzle that is pieced together of little parts, the form is built of fields. The list of available options is big enough to satisfy the most refined tastes. All the fields are listed in the Form Fields section, so you can check there what they are meant for and what settings you can use it for.

When you set the form, you will also have to define the Post-Submit Actions. Actually, there you choose what the form will do after the user fills it and clicks the “Submit” button.

It can save the data as an item of a Custom Post Type, send the confirmation emails to the address the user left in the form, add a new user, etc. Check out the list of Post-Submit Actions to know what the form is capable of.

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